What is Ghost Mannequin Remove or Neck Joint Service?

The neck joint job is to clear up obscure images and create new ones. Various photoshoots, such as doll models, are not visible on the back of the image, and when these images are removed from the doll, the images remain obscure and worse. Can be seen. With the help of Nick Joint’s service, all these pictures can be made very useful. The service also helps to place logos on various images such as using their logos on T-shirts ordered by a specific company, placing one place symbol, etc.

Excluding Dolls Or Mannequins:

Usually, when someone has to buy and sell a product online, they have to give samples of these products on online sites and for that, they need to take pictures of the product. It is very expensive to use a model for taking pictures, so many companies use dolls as a model for taking pictures. But the pictures that are taken by making the doll as a model these pictures are not showing in nature. So these services are needed.

Mannequin removal service

Changing Logos Or Symbols:

The pictures that are taken by making the doll a model cannot be seen on the back of the picture and when these pictures are removed from the doll, the pictures remain vague. Using the various techniques of Photoshop through the Nick Joint service, this opaque image can be made into a perfect form and can be used as a sample on any e-commerce site at a much lower cost. 

neck joint services

Different types of Neck Joint Services?

1. Excluding dolls or mannequins
2. Changing logos or symbols
Besides, we can do all kinds of joint work very fast and of course 100% Quality


When not to use a Ghost Mannequin?

If anyone does not want to visible their products used in context, with real traffic, and If tests on a website or digital advertising show that live models convert better. Typically, it is best to use a combination of ghost mannequins and live models. The ghost mannequin provides consistency for your main product thumbnails and images on websites or in catalogs, but live models add a human and relatability factor. It also puts the products into context for consumers.

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