1. Simple dust, spot and scratch removal – 59¢ per image

While it may seem straightforward, it is undoubtedly laborious. We'll undertake a fundamental refinement process for your images, addressing minor issues such as dust, small spots, specks, or blemishes. Great for: Images with a bit of dust or a few spots Lightly damaged products Correcting small flaws

2. Simple wrinkle removal from fabric – 90¢ per image

Basic wrinkle removal is crucial yet another meticulous, detail-oriented task. We employ straightforward wrinkle removal techniques specifically for situations where there are only a few wrinkles on a single-colored fabric. Like: Slightly wrinkled, solid apparel or fabrics

3. Complex wrinkle removal from fabric – $1.40 per image

Cleaning severely wrinkled fabric or addressing wrinkles on patterned designs requires significantly more effort and time. Advanced wrinkle removal techniques ensure that your products appear symmetrical and natural. For Best: Wrinkles on patterned fabrics Wrinkles on printed fabrics

4. Simple beauty airbrushing – $1.25 per image

Basic beauty airbrushing involves eliminating minor imperfections in areas where the surrounding color is consistent, such as moles, small scars, tiny tattoos, peach fuzz, and other minor blemishes. Additionally, simple airbrushing encompasses tasks like whitening teeth and removing stray hairs. The resulting image will exhibit a refined, nearly airbrushed appearance. For Best: A light touchup on your models Removing small scars, tattoos, or other blemishes Whitening teeth Removing stray hairs

5. Complex beauty airbrushing – $2.95 per image

Advanced airbrushing entails the smoothing or correction of larger and more intricate sections within an image, all while preserving the original integrity of the image. This encompasses tasks like modifying features such as elongating a nose or eliminating a double chin, applying or altering makeup color, reducing wrinkles while retaining other details, and enhancing eyebrows. For Best: Adjusting your model’s features Adding or changing makeup Making major changes to your subject’s appearance

6. High End Jwelry Retouching $4.00 Per Image

High-end jewelry retouching is a specialized process aimed at enhancing the visual appeal and luxury of jewelry photographs to the highest standards. It involves meticulous editing techniques to remove imperfections, enhance gemstone brilliance, optimize metal shine, and ensure every detail shines with pristine clarity. From intricate adjustments in color and contrast to meticulous removal of blemishes and reflections, high-end jewelry retouching elevates each piece to exude elegance and sophistication, captivating viewers with its immaculate beauty and allure.

7. Complex camera reflection removal – $2.95 per image

Sophisticated camera reflection removal is reserved for instances where significant camera reflections mar a large reflective surface. Our meticulous process ensures that every surface is rendered clear and devoid of any unwanted reflections. For Best: Very shiny surfaces and objects Cars Home interiors Large stainless steel appliances Groupings of multiple reflective products

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Questions other customers have asked us

  • Do you offer a discount on large orders?


    We do! There are two ways:


    1. Purchase the biggest package .

    2. If you have tons of product photos you need edited all the time, you can
    get photo-editing services at a flexible price. Use the contact page to get in touch and let us know more details about your needs.


  • See how photo editing pricing works

    Every job order is different, and your total image editing rates will be calculated based on your services, number of images, overall complexity, and speed of your edits.

    When you start a new order, we’ll ask a few questions and then analyze your images on the spot. You’ll get an accurate quote right away, so you know exactly how much your order will cost before you finish your request.

    Here’s a breakdown of what we’re looking at when we assess your order and determine your photo editing rates:

    1. Service type

       Each service has a different starting price based on how complicated it is, and how long it will take your designer.You can also combine services—for example background removal+ shadow—and when you            do this, you’ll get a combined total that accounts for all of the services you’ve chosen.


       Not all edits are created equal. If you only need a simple cutout against a plain background, that will cost less than something more complicated (for example, a cutout of a birdcage, or a curly-                                    haired model standing against a wire fence). We’ll analyze each image to see how complicated your edits are, then price them to match.


    3.Turnaround time

       The default turnaround time is 24 hours, but if you need your edits faster, you can choose to pay a bit more and get them sooner. Likewise, if you don’t mind waiting, you can save some money.


    4.Number of copies

       Need multiple copies of the same image in different sizes or formats? These are priced per copy, at a rate of 20¢ per file if you’ve chosen the standard turnaround time. 

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Gold 1000 USD Clipping Path, Backgroung Remove, Masking, Retouch, Ghost Mannequin Effect, Shadow Creation, Image Web Optimization 2500
Platinum 1500 USD Clipping Path, Background Remove, Masking, Retouch, Ghost Mannequin Effect, Shadow Creation, Image Web Optimization 4500

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